Jolly Roger's COFFR

About Us

Channel your inner pirate; sail the waters of decentralized cryptocurrency with us. We are secure, redundant, and reliable. Join us on discord at:

Pool Stats

We are a new pool, but commit to low fees until saturation.


How to buy ADA

You can buy Cardano easily [and expand your access to buying crypto] by signing up for an account on Binance.

  1. Sign up for an account with Binance. For US Residents, you can sign up here with this referral link.

  2. Go through Binance's verification process to be able to deposit fiat currency

  3. Either buy ADA directly through "Buy Currency", or deposit USD and then buy ADA using Binance's "Trade -- Markets" function.

  4. Binance holds the value of ACH deposits for 10 days. After 10 days, you will be able to transfer your ADA to another wallet and begin staking.

How to stake to COFFR

Staking Cardano gives you a trust-free 5-6% APY return on your ADA while supporting decentralization. Staking does not require you to send your ADA, and any requests to do so are scams. "Delegation" is the act of committing the operational authority of your ADA to a stake pool, which will help the pool receive more credibility. With more credibility, the stake pool will have more responsibility for the Cardano network, and will receive higher fees as a result. In exchange, you will receive a percentage of the rewards, based on how much credibility you have lended to the pool. You only need to delegate your wallet once--any additional ADA you send to the wallet will start earning rewards at the next available opportunity.

  1. Send funds into an off-exchange wallet, like Daedalus or Yoroi. You can find detailed instructions of how to make a wallet on their websites, but a key security tip is to never save your wallet passphrase on any internet-connected computer or cloud storage service.

  2. On Daedalus, click the Delegation Center icon (network graph on the left navigation bar), and then "Stake Pools". In Yoroi, go to your wallet dashboard and click "Delegation List".

  3. In the newly visible search bar, type "COFFR" to search for and join our pool. You can of course delegate to any pool, but keep in mind that you will receive the maximum rewards by delegating to pools which are not yet fully saturated.

  4. After selecting COFFR, click "Delegate to this Pool", and follow your wallet instructions to confirm the delegation. As a reminder, this will not remove ADA from your account, and you can spend your funds at any time.

  5. The Cardano network organizes stakers via 5-day "Epochs". Your delegation will start earning rewards in 2 epochs (i.e. 5 days plus how ever many days are remaining in the current epoch).